The Arts

Bay Shore High School offers a variety of Cultural Arts programs.


Choir- Mr. Billella

Drama Club

Show Stoppers

Wind Ensemble- Mrs. White

Music Theory- Mr. Schaefer

MultiMedia-Mrs. Mendolia

Orchestra-Mrs. Mendolia

Tuesday Night Hip Cats- Mr. Scalzo

Thursday Night Jazz Project- Mr. Rotello

Tri-M Music Honor Society-


IB Art- Mrs. Schultz

Studio Art- Mrs Kant, Mrs. Capodanno, Ms. Moakly, Mrs. Schultz

Drawing & Painting I- Mrs Kant, Mr. Palumbo

Drawing & Painting II-Mrs Kant, Mr. Palumbo

Commercial Art-Mr. Scinto

Sculpture & Design I-Mr. Scinto

Sculpture & Design II-Mr. Scinto