Bay Shore H.S. Wind Ensemble

The Wind Ensemble is directed by Mr. Ted Scalzo. This ensemble pursues the more challenging pieces of music written for the band idiom. Students will be challenged technically and artistically. Entrance in to the ensemble is by audition only.


Wind Ensemble Leadership Council 2012

Maggie Berk

James Brewer

Paul Mangels

Emily Sobel

Please refer to them throughout the year.



Smart Music software is supplied for every Wind Ensemble member. This is your text book for the year.

You will be expected to install and work with this piece of software to improve your technical and artistic skils.

if you have difficulties Smart Music has provided you with this number for technical support.



From time to time I will put excerpts from your performance pieces up for you to listen to and study for style and interpretation.

Wind Ensemble Ear Training

We will be training our ears to hear better and persue perfect intonation.

Use these to warm up on everyday using active listening!

Practice Drones

Important Links

Wind Ensemble Requirements
Universe Below

Additional Fingering charts for Woodwinds



Special note to percussionists!
You are required to play all of the rudiments in a solo audition.
Please check the link above to begin practicing and building up your speed and accuracy.

All students are required to play a performance/audition exam for me at least once a quarter.

This will be accomplished through Smart Music Assignments!

The evaluation sheets listed below will give an indication of how I evaluate your performance.

Download them and prin them out for you to have when you are practicing at home.
Woodwind and Brass Evaluation
Percussion Evaluation

The Musical Circle of Life
The more you play, the better you sound, the easier it is, the more fun you have, the more you want to play-----------------

Check out the "Universe Below" commissioned by the Bay Shore Arts Education Fund and premiered April,2002 by the Bay Shore High School Wind Ensemble. Listen to the haunting introduction!
The Adventure begins!